6 Best HCG Drops For Weight Loss

Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels! True isn’t it? When you see a girl walking down the street in a nice pair of jeans, showing those perfectly thin legs and you feel like hitting the gym with a vengeance. Spot a guy with those flawlessly sculpted abs and put down the burger you’re about to eat? This is the story of most of our lives. In today’s world with hard deadlines and stressful lifestyle, so many of us don’t even have the time to go for a run, let alone the gym. We dream of diets that will help us lose the initial weight and motivate us to keep our weight in check.

Being fat or obese is not just about looking bad, it has many medical complications too. Diabetes, heart diseases like high blood pressure or stroke, breathlessness and countless other problems can develop until one’s weight is under check. The hCG diet is a good option for anyone who is looking to lose weight naturally. This diet involves food restrictions like any other diets, but what sets it apart from the regular diet plans is HCG.

hCG or human chorionic gonadotropin, is a hormone that is found in the human body and is produced by pregnant women. This hormone converts the fat stored by the body and releases calories, needed for the new life budding inside the womb. By consuming HCG, in any normal human being, the body’s metabolism is naturally stimulated to burn fat at an impressive rate.

Which HCG supplement to choose?

Following the diet without the correct HCG supplement will not show any results. Knowing which supplements to take can be a little tricky, especially with so many products that claim to mimic its effects. Here we will list some supplements that we think are the best in their offerings.

#1 HCG Complex Diet Drops:

HCG Complex manufactured and marketed by BioSource Labs LLC; HCG complex is one of the most popular diet drops. Composed of 100% pure HCG hormone, arginine, L-carnitine, vitamin B12, focus vesiculous and other ingredients, these drops melt fat without the usual side effects like fatigue, loss of muscle mass or acidity. HCG Complex doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or artificial flavors. The diet drops are made in the USA in registered FDA regulated facilities. The company offers a 100% money back guarantee if the results seem unsatisfactory.


  • Contains 100% pure HCG.
  • Other ingredients are also natural.
  • Promotes natural weight loss by burning fat and increasing the energy level in the body.
  • No side effects.
  • Money back guarantee.


Has to be accompanied with the HCG diet. For more information, Please read the detailed review on hcg complex diet drops

#2 HCG Triumph

HCG Triumph By combining the power of HCG with the 3 dynamic amino acids arginine, ornithine, and carnitine, Triu Naturals has come up with a great product that benefits the weight loss program by increasing levels of fat burning hormones in the body. Its results are identical to those of expensive injections. There are no side effects, and the product company provides good support.


  • Contains real HCG that reduces appetite and burns fat.
  • Caffeine free.
  • Made in FDA-Certified labs.


  • Comes in a bundle, drops can’t be purchased loose.

#3 HCG 1234 Diet Drops:

HCG 1234 is another hormone free diet supplement from Creative Bioscience designed for rapid weight loss. It contains select amino and herbal extracts clinically supported to promote fat metabolism and provide essential nutrition. Based on Dr. Simeons’ revolutionary research, the goals of hCG 1234 diet drops is to burn fat quickly, then maintain ideal body weight. It combines ingredients like Maca, Pygeum, Rhodiola, and Astragalus along with many other clinically supported ingredients that promote fat metabolism and provide essential nutrition.


  • Shows long term effects.
  • The company provides good meal plans along with all the support one can need.


  • Doesn’t contain the actual hormone.
  • Contains some percentage of alcohol.
  • People may suffer side effects like a headache or upset stomach.

For more information please read this post: HCG 1234 Diet Drops Review

#4 HCG Activator:

HCG Activator is a BioGenics supplement sold by GNC and other online retailers. This product doesn’t contain the actual hormone HCG, but other scientifically validated ingredients that stimulate the body’s hormones, to promote weight loss. This supplement contains green tea extracts, L-arginine, L-ornithine, saffron extracts. All these ingredients not only promote good health but also help reduce weight.


  • Suppresses hunger pangs
  • Easy to buy, sold by mane online retailers.
  • Light on the pocket.


  • None of the ingredients will boost HCG levels.
  • Clinical references are not linked to published studies.

#5 HCG Amino Plus

HCG Amino Plus is formulated with 7 amino acids that help boost fat burning and increase energy and metabolism. The special blend of the amino acids ensures weight loss without putting any pressure on the heart, liver or the kidneys. It increases energy levels in the body and stabilizes weight in a way that it doesn’t come back after the drops are stopped.


  • The blend of 7 amino acids ensures increased metabolism.
  • Maximizes your weight loss and optimizes your diet experience.
  • Easy on the organs and body.


  • No instructions about how to use.
  • Some side effects may include slight tremors.
  • No money back guarantee.

#6 HCG ASAP Drops

HCG ASAP Drops as the name suggests, is a homeopathic weight loss formula designed to assist in weight loss. This product contains a superior formulation providing a complete approach to weight loss. It combines the powerful amino acids and HCG and vitamin B12 that not only aids in weight loss but also keeps the body healthy by reducing stress and increasing energy.


  • The official website offers before and after pictures of dieters who’ve followed the program.
  • Ingredients for the As Slim As Possible supplement are listed online.


  • None of the ingredients in the main ASAP supplement are clinically proven to boost weight loss.
  • The before and after photos show some dieters shrunk – sometime nearly six inches.
  • The dieter is required to purchase branded supplements to lose weight.

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